Decorations, Premiums and Food grade disposables

Specialized in imports from the Far East since 1979!

Whether it is "decorations", "premiums" or "food grade disposables"; as long as your items can be produced in the Far East, we are the preferred choice when it comes to reliability, pricing and overall experience. With decades of expertise, HEMbv knows exactly how to get an inspiring item produced, approved and imported, always under sustainable conditions.

HEMbv is at your disposal 24/7, ready to convert your ideas and vision into highly attractive and creative products.

Small MOQ

For bamboo- and wooden
food-grade disposables:
1 carton

Competative pricing

Over four decades of experience results in a highly reliable supplychain and competative pricing


We cater to small, mid- and large size customers (see references) but always offer short lines of communication


Product samples can be requested, based on availability

Short delivery times

From warehouse to your doorstep within 24 hours (when in stock)

Verifiable quality standards

(Production) processes in line with Rohs, CE, ISO, FSC®, BRC, etc.

Our satisfied customers ....

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