Manufacturing in the Far East is still considerably cheaper than elsewhere, especially if done under Western supervision and with strictly controlled standards.This is the exact reason "HEM" Hamstra Exploitatie Maatschappij b.v., dba Hembv, (est. 1979) is actively involved in the import and production of a vast array of products from the Far East, predominantly from mainland China.

HEMbv HQ is located next to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport; a significant global air cargo hub.

Far East

Due to being active since the 1980's, HEMbv has gained a very thorough and specific understanding regarding the import of a large variety of goods from China. Whether it be importing quality textiles, products for the food processing industry, bamboo- and wood based articles or floristry articles as well as transportation-, production- and customs related issues.

Inspection by our own people

By regularly traveling to China ourselves, this expertise continues to grow and contacts with our production network are reliable and up-to-date. This hands-on approach guarantees that a product can be produced (environmentally) responsibly, thoroughly tested and imported, without unnecessary delays.


Continuous monitoring of production processes and long-term contracts with our manufacturers guarantee environmentally friendly, sustainable manufactured products without any form of child and / or forced labor. Our own inspectors are regularly on location; they check whether all standards, production conditions and quality parameters are met. In the unlikely event that this is not the case, a production process will be adjusted or possibly (temporarily) halted.

Within Europe, the already strict environmental laws are reviewed and tightened regularly, therefore all our products are tested in advance by independent and recognized laboratories. Relevant products are checked for the presence of, among other components, heavy metals, prohibited dyes, plasticizers and phthalates. It goes without saying that Hembv only works with producers who meet all conditions in the field of CSR (according to the SA8000 standard).

If a customer prefers to inspect the production facilities themselves, Hembv can act as an intermediary. Similar inspections are also carried out by us on behalf of third parties, who don’t have the local contacts and / or expertise.

Hembv is a member of the Packaging Covenant, STIBAT and Wecycle, among others. All our bamboo, birch wood and metal skewers also carry a BRC certificate.


If a smaller volume is purchased, which is not enough to fill a full container load, Hembv can consolidate your goods; this often results in sharper rates. Upon arrival at the European port, all goods are cleared through customs and checked for any form of lethal and / or prohibited gases. Our containers then receive a “gas-free certificate” before they are delivered to the end user.

Consolidated shipments go to our own warehouses in the Randstad, where goods are sorted and placed on Euro or H1 pallets. We will contact you prior to final delivery to discuss the most suitable delivery date and time for your operation!