Bamboo skewers

       We are BRC Agents & Brokers (AA) certified for all our bamboo skewers.


Subject to interim sale, we have the following sizes in stock:


Article number Length Diameter Pieces/carton
3/BSK2515 15cm 2,5mm 16.000
3/BSK3012BB 12cm 3,0mm 16.000
3/BSK3015 15cm 3,0mm 16.000
3/BSK3018 18cm 3,0mm 10.000
3/BSK3036 18cm 3,0mm 10.000 (200/bag)
3/BSK3020 20cm 3,0mm 10.000
3/BSK3022 22cm 3,0mm 10.000
3/BSK3025 25cm 3,0mm 10.000
3/BSK3030 30cm 3,0mm 8.000
3/BSK3050NP(niet gepunt) 50cm 3,0mm 4.000
3/BSK3715 15cm 3,5mm 10.000
3/BSK4015 15cm 4,0mm 10.000
3/BSK3720 20cm 3,5mm 10.000
3/BSK3725 25cm 3,5mm 8.000
3/BSK4018 18cm 4,0mm 8.000
3/BSK5040 40cm 5,0mm 2.000