Birchwood skewers

We are BRC Brokers & Agents (AA) certified for all our Birch wood skewers.



All our Birch wood skewers are FSC 100%. SCS-COC-000652-AJB. Only products marked as such on this site are FSC® certified. By purchasing products with this label, you are helping to protect the world’s forests.



All our Birch wood skewers are specially selected for machine use.

Reserved in the interim sale, we have the following sizes in stock;

Article number Length Diameter Pieces/carton
5/BWS2507-FSC 7cm 2,5mm 20.000
5/BWS2509-FSC 9cm 2,5mm 20.000
5/BWS2510-FSC 10cm 2,5mm 20.000
5/BWS2511-FSC 11cm 2,5mm 20.000
5/BWS2515-FSC 15cm 2,5mm 20.000
5/BWS3015-FSC 15cm 3,0mm 20.000
5/BWS3015.5-FSC 15,5cm 3,0mm 20.000
5/BWS3018-FSC 18cm 3,0mm 20.000
5/BWS1803-FSC 18cm 3,0mm 20.000 (250 pcs/bag)
5/BWS3020-FSC 20cm 3,0mm 20.000
5/BWS3025-FSC 25cm 3,0mm 20.000
5/BWS3035-FSC 35cm 3,0mm 10.000
5/BWS3520-FSC 20cm 3,5mm 10.000
5/BWS3522-FSC 22cm 3,5mm 10.000
5/BWS3724-FSC 24cm 3,7mm 10.000
5/BWS4030-FSC 30m 4,0mm 8.000
5/BWS5011NP-FSC (not pointed) 11cm 5,0mm 5.500
5/BWS5020-FSC 20cm 5,0mm 5.000
8/BWS2835 28cm 3,5mm x 3,5mm 5.000
8/BWS3840 40cm 3,8mm x 3,8mm 5.000
8/BWS6050 60cm 5,0mm x 5,0mm 1.500
8/BWS7080 70cm 8,0mm x 8,0mm 1.000